Wraith's Singleplayer Cataclysm Mods

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This is a list of custom-made mods for Singleplayer or "Skirmish CPU" games in Homeworld: Cataclysm.

Installation instructions: Follow the directions in the "Readme.txt" included with each download. Mods that do not affect the same ship may be used together. To uninstall simply remove the folder you added in installation.

Note: These mods are not new ships, they merely alter existing ones.

WARNING: Do not attempt to play an online multiplayer game without first removing all mods.

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Mod Name/DownloadDescription
Wraith's Coolness Rating out of 10
Long Range CSThis gives the Command Ships the ability to fire their guns at targets up to 1800000 meters away. It also increases each shot's damage by 20%.6
Energy Cannon Hive SwarmerThe Hive Frigate's swarmers will fire large Energy Cannons.6
Ion Hive SwarmerThe Hive Frigate's swarmers will fire ion weapons.8
Super ReconInsanely powerful recon with build cost/time compensations.7.5
Super CSVery powerful and fast Command Ship.7.5
Ion ProcessorNormal processor but with ions in place of normal guns.6.5
Plasma Acolyte/ACVNormal acolytes and ACV but with plasma bomb launchers in place of normal guns. The Somtaaw equivalent to the Attack Bomber.7
Super Infect
Insane Infect
Improves the infect weapon immensely (e.g. you can infect carriers and super capital ships, the number of ships that each beam can infect has been increased greatly, etc.).
WARNING:When using the "Insane" version, the game sometimes crashes when a player infects more than the ship limit.
Machine-Gun Cloaked FighterRapid-fire shots, max velocity increased 20 percent, and it now has health equal to 7 times that of a dreadnaught.6
Dread-MultibeamSuper fast, super armored, 1 anti-capital cannon mount, 1 anti-capital/frigate large ion mount, 2 anti-fighter/corvette rapid-fire small ion mounts, 1 anti-fighter rapid-fire small cannon mount.7
Highly Explosive AcolyteWhen self-destructed, these acolytes do some serious damage.5
Mass DreadsEver wanted to see 50 dreads headin out to destroy your enemy? Ever wanted to build that many in a matter of minutes? Well now you can!9
Mass ReconsBuild Recons so fast your enemy won't know what hit 'em.7.5


If anyone has any requests feel free to leave a message for me in the Public section of the CLS-Forums or e-mail me at volcomstoner2689@gmail.com
I have spent hours working on a recon with a Siege Cannon (or any other ship for that matter) and have not found a way to accomplish that so if anyone knows how please contact me!

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